Call me Latine is a resource dedicated to addressing gender and heteronormative bias in Hispanic and Latino culture.

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Latine is an Identity.

Latine (pronounced la·ˈ​ti·​ne) is a gender-neutral form of the word Latino, created by LGBTQIA+, gender non-binary, and feminist communities in Spanish speaking countries. The objective of the term Latine is to remove gender from the Spanish word Latino, by replacing it with the gender-neutral Spanish letter E.

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While Latine primarily serves as an identity for queer, gender non-binary, and feminist communities, some who identify with the term have used the principles of the word Latine to remove gender in Spanish conversations. For example, many masculine and feminine words in the Spanish language end with the gendered letters “o” or “a”. Spanish speakers who identify with the term Latine may also use the letter “e” to remove gender from their Spanish conversations at home or in their communities. To learn more about this concept click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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