There’s a lot of emphasis on cisgender men in our culture. Latines know it and have seen it in their families, friends, and faith communities. We tend to recognize it most in machismo, but there are many layers to the patriarchy ingrained in our society, including gender.

Gender is a social construct and it can be removed if you try. Intersectional feminists in Spanish speaking countries recognize this and have started using Latine in an effort to remove the emphasis on gender in our culture, promoting equality and showing up for queer and non-binary communities too.


If you’re bilingual you can take it a step further. Try it out by using the pronouns ele o elles and by removing gender from nouns with the letter E. Learn more on our Language Resources page.

Call me Latine is a resource dedicated to addressing gender and heteronormative bias in Hispanic and Latino culture. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @callmelatine.

Learn more about our resources:

About Call me LatineFrequently Asked QuestionsLanguage Resources

Recursos en español:

Acerca de Llámame LatinePreguntas FrecuentesRecursos de Lenguaje


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